DIESEL Consulting's experience in global asset and integrity management projects enables us to provide oil and gas customers with current, reliable and practical advice and support.


Our UK and Australia operations are well equipped to supply QA/QC, AUT, NDT, Safety, ROV, Subsea, Subsurface and Design Engineering Services at short notice.Our manpower and executive search divisions have an extensive network of contacts throughout Europe and Asia/Pac. Our aim is to be the firm of choice for specialist oil and gas projects throughout Australia and Asia/Pac

The Diesel Petroleum franchise is unique because most of the funding is supplied by the franchisor and there is very little risk to the franchisee. Most of the back breaking office admin is done remotely by Diesel . All the franchisee has to do is find candidates to fill the jobs they get from oil and gas employers.

Diesel Petroleum provide 100% funding of all contractor wages, enabling you to manage the business with little financial risk.All franchisees receive weekly payment of their profit margin ,while the Diesel accounts people take care of all the time consuming administration.

Diesel back office staff also manage

Quarterly Management reports

This leaves franchisees free to build the business,building long term relationships with client employers and job candidates This is a business for entrepreneurs who enjoy the cut and thrust of business and is not for people who enjoy post office administration.

The Diesel franchise sets you free to enjoy what you do best…meeting people and joining social media groups . We want you to be free from the grind that holds back so many small businesses. You can become very successful working from your home laptop,ipad or iphone and meeting key people in serviced offices or even Starbucks!

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